As a full time working parent I understand tight budgets and live accordingly I believe that health and wellness can be attained without fancy pills and gadgets. Over my years of involvement in multiple sports though I have found a few products I love and I recommend the following sites :

I have been following foundations of Wolfe4Life Training and Nutrition since 2010
For a personally designed nutrition and training plan along with t-shits/hoodies and more click here

Tired of dry skin? Need a little lift?
I highly recommend GLO products - they have kept my skin softer and suppler than I ever would have believed possible. Mixes and compliments with your own favorite products - treat your skin to the best on and off stage - Your worth it!

I live in one of the most beautiful and unique areas of the world and I like to share that fact! This is one of my favorite places to shop for Alaska gear and support/promote Alaska!


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Click here for a piece of Alaskan History!

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