Getting Started

I started lifting weights in May of 2010 with the goal of entering my first figure competition in October 2010. I ended up switching from figure to bodybuilding because it was the best fit for my personality and physique. I have been involved in different aspects of physical fitness my whole life. As a child growing up in Minnesota, I was a competitive figure skater. I taught PE to kids in K-12 for 10 years, teaching skating basic skills, coaching cross-country skiing and running for several years too.

In 2009 I received the Presidential Physical Fitness Council’s Community Leadership Award for my contributions to improving the overall health of the children I worked with in interior Alaska. This is one of my most treasured accomplishments because less than a dozen of these awards are given annually throughout the US.

I began running in 2005 and have been completing races ranging from 5k’s to a full marathon for 2 years now.

Workout Plans

Workout plans that fit into my family schedule work best for me. I like to head out the front door and run on the Joe Redington Sr. trail (a bike path with my family name – The late Joe Redington Sr. is the Father of the Iditarod) when conditions safely allow, which is about 8 months of the year in Alaska. I figure I run at least a full Iditarod (1, 049 miles) every year on that bike path. Additionally, half of our living room is a weight room, which, works for us.

I also have a stationary bike for when the weather is terrible and the Alaskan darkness dominates and the garage is filled with more weights. In the summer we camp and fish around Alaska toting running shoes, bikes and chasing the race circuit to keep the competitive edge.

Nutrition Plans

Eating real food, which is hard to find nowadays is the best nutrition plan for me supplemented with lots of whey protein. Eating real food requires a lot of planning and preparation. I spend Sundays cooking and prepping food for lunches and have washed and cut more vegetables plates than I care to admit. I am lucky because my husband hunts moose and fishes for salmon both very healthy and hormone free sources of proteins. My family is behind my diet 100% and as a family we have all changed the way we eat for the better. Also I try to drink a gallon of water daily.

Motivation To Follow A Healthy Lifestyle

Without a doubt my mom and my family motivate me most. My mother suffered from type 2 diabetes her whole life. I watched the toll it ravaged on her body until I was 35 and my mother at 62 lost her life to diabetes. For a year after my mothers’ death I experienced deep sadness and depression. Thankfully my husband stood by me and helped me throughout my grieving.

Eventually I needed to pick myself up as my mother would be expect. My family needed me. Out of respect to my mother, family and myself I made a commitment to attain the he highest level of fitness I could. I quit smoking and replaced bad habits with healthy diet and exercise. I want my son to see the living proof of how dreams are attained, by setting goals and following through day after day after day...

In the future I would like to give to motivational presentations including representing diabetes and/or quitting smoking through advocacy.

Achieving Goals

I have always been a goal oriented and self-driven person. Personally, it is easier for me to stay on task if I commit to a bigger goal – like competing. When you know you’ll be standing on a public stage in a bikini and paying to do it to boot – that make sit much easier to complete daily work-outs and refrain from entire half gallons of ice cream!

Future Fitness/Bodybuilding Plans

I plan to continue exploring various realms of fitness for the rest of my life. I enjoy exploring and testing my physical limits. Through competitive figure skating, backcountry hiking, biking, swimming competitive running and bodybuilding I have met a myriad of fantastic athletes and expanded my ideas about life in general through sports. Specific to bodybuilding, I plan to continue competing in state level events and ultimately would like to move on to the National level to earn a pro-card. That is the ultimate goal in bodybuilding. Beyond that I would also like to complete an Ironman triathlon in my lifetime.

One Tip Would To Other Fitness Competitors

Surround yourself with people who love and support you. Maintaining a competitive level of fitness is a full time job that is a mix of proper diet, training and rest. I could not attain and maintain the level I am at without the support of my family.

Favorite Fitness Competitors/Bodybuilders

Who inspired me to kick it into high gear was the Olympic swimmer, Dara Torres, who medaled at 41 in the 2008 summer Olympics. I was memorized by her grit and phenomenal physique. I remember telling my family that I still had time to shine in the sports arena. At that time I was running 5k and 10k races. Now I have finished a marathon, and currently compete in state level bodybuilding competitions representing the ABFF (Alaska Bodybuilding Figure and Fitness).

“Some of the best times of my life have been on the Iditarod Trail, whether I was working, training or racing. I don’t worry about anything and it’s a great feeling to be there with the dogs, watching them trot along, their little old feet moving fast, and everything quiet as you whiz down the trail. It might be at night when the northern lights are bright, flashing from one of the horizon to the other, or a beautiful sunrise, with the warmth of the sun so great after a good, cold night. It’s a feeling you have to experience to believe. It’s funny, but most people who run the Iditarod, no matter how rough they have had it, want to go back again.” – Joe Redington Sr., 1991

Joe Redington Sr. lived a full life and had numerous outstanding accomplishments as a homesteader, pilot and visionary dog musher. He is the classic ideal of the Alaskan pioneer. Joe began his Alaskan life in 1948 where he procured his own plot of land to raise a family, hunt, fish, and run dogs. He is largely credited as rescuing Alaska dog mushing from extinction. With unyielding ambition, stubbornness and love for dogs he accomplished that most thought impossible. Redington created a legendary 1,000 plus mile sled dog race from Anchorage to Nome. Much is written about Joe Redington Sr.’s life.

“I’ve always felt these dogs, the husky, could do almost anything I wanted them to do. I’ve always tried to prove that. I thought, ‘Someday I’ll show these people what these dogs can do.” – Joe Redington Sr.

Joe Redington Sr. was born in Oklahoma, served in WW II and drove the Alaska Highway in 1948. Shortly after arriving in Alaska he picked up his first sled dog and an adventure was begun. He and Vi homesteaded 80 acres in Knik and another 20 at Flathorn Lake in 1953. They raised 4 boys there, fishing in the summer and dog mushing in the winter. They freighted in supplies by dog team, boat, and later airplane. Joe had close to 200 dogs there at times and the boys were responsible for the care and feeding of the dogs. Joe Sr raced the Fur Rondy in 1956 and Violet raced the Woman's Rondy also. In the early 1970's Joe realized that snow machines were taking over and dogs were being phased out in the villages. He wanted to bring back the dogs and mushing and with much help started the Iditarod Trail Race. He was not able to run the race in 1973 but he competed in many more placing as high as 5th, twice. He ran his last race at the age of 80. He was a remarkable man; he hiked the Chilkoot Trail in his 70's and started the first dog touring business, Iditarod Challenge, taking tourists over the Iditarod trail by dog team.

He and Vi passed on this passion for dog mushing and racing to their sons. Each has a kennel of dogs and has raced successfully. Joee Jr has been competing for 50 years and been a top competitor through out his career. He specialized in sprint races and has won the Fur Rondy and come in second more than once in both the Fur Rondy and the North American. His children, JoeeRay and Heather also raced dogs and JoeeRay holds the track record at Tudor Track. Raymie has concentrated on the Iditarod and run it many times, placing 7th. Two of his sons, Ray Jr and Ryan have also run the Iditarod. Ray Jr placed 7th this year. Ryan has branched out to stage racing in Wyoming.

The values of hard work and the love of dog mushing have passed down through the family and will continue on.

Pam Redington, 2011

BELOW: 1979 after reaching the summit of Mount McKinley with a dog team.


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Vital Stats:

Name: Melanie Redington
Location: Wasilla Alaska



HUGS Radio Monthly Wellness/Fitness Challenge Contributor

HUGS Radio Host

Mrs. Wasilla United States – City Title holder


Top 3 (3rd place) Natural World Champion Musclemania

Alaska Strength & Muscle Monthly Wellness/Fitness Challenge Contributor

HUGS Radio Guest Speaker

ABFF Anchorage Pro –Am. Natural Pro Guest Performer


Natural Fitness Radio Contributor

Team GLO GLAMbassador

Alaska Strength & Muscle

Top 5 (4th place)
Natural World Champion

Idaho Axiom Championships
Woman's Overall Champion

Tacoma Supernaturals
2nd Place Overall

Alaska State Championships
Woman's Open Class Champion


Featured Amateur of the Week

ABFF State Championships 2nd Place Woman’s Open Class


ABFF Anchorage Pro-Am. Overall Woman’s Open Class Champion

Crystal Cup 2nd Place Woman’s Open Class


Leadership Award

For exemplary service and dedication to improving the lives of others by promoting and fostering opportunities for participation in sports, fitness, or physical activities

Flint Hills Race Series 3rd Place Overall Woman


Model Fitness School, in recognition for a commitment to enhancing student physical activity. GDS was the first school in Alaska to attain this award.

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