I am a wife, mother, teacher, World Champion and lifelong athlete.

At the age of 35 two life changing events occurred. My mom passed away after a lifelong battle with diabetes and I quit an on and off 18 year habit of smoking. Surviving both of these events hinged on a developing replacement habits and I chose fitness.

It started innocently enough with push-ups when I wanted a cigarette and evolved into running, diet change and basically a whole lifestyle overhaul in slow incremental steps. I began running in 2005; completing 5k’s, a full marathon and all distances in between.


In 2009 I received the Presidential Physical Fitness Council’s Community Leadership Award for my contributions to improving the overall health of the children I worked with in interior Alaska. This is one of my most treasured accomplishments, less than a dozen of these awards are given annually throughout the US.

Before re-kindling my love of athletics, I received my Maters Degree & Special Education endorsement in 2001 while living in Manley Hot Springs, Alaska, and working full time in a 2-room bush school as a Special Education Teacher Aide. My son was born, raised and educated in this bush setting until the 6th grade when we moved to Wasilla Alaska where we still reside

My profession has deeply shaped my understanding and compassion for people working through difficult situations. It has provided me with priceless tools. Effectively supporting others through adverse situations has led me to see how positive energy and high expectations can bring success to people.

I belong to a family of dreamers – a family whose legacy includes: the inception of the Iditarod – The Toughest Dog Sled Race on Earth, summating Mt. McKinley with a dog team, and a legacy of achievements related to dog mushing and Alaskan history paralleled by none.

My athletic and professional goals are simple:

  • It is my intention as a World Champion to be a walking billboard for self-respect through proper nutrition and exercice.

  • To inspire both women and men to strive for personal greatness, forgo shortcuts and temptations, and embrace the journey of developing lifelong habits that promote health and wellness.

The side effects of these goals have been increased energy, confidence, and improved health.

Additionally, these same actions have inspired my family to make their own health a priority, along with many friends who have set and achieved personal goals as well. Knowing that my lifestyle inspires others to set and accomplish new goals is rewarding beyond words. We are all worth investing in. We are all capable of achieving greatness.


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